Coverage of officer-involved shooting in farming town

From May – September 2015, I filled in for Northwest News Network correspondent, Anna King, to cover the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting in Pasco, Washington.

I covered how residents in this agricultural town protested the shooting of Antonio Zambrano Montes, from holding vigils near where the incident occurred to building protest floats for a Cinco De Mayo parade.

Later, I filed regular updates on an investigation over whether to charge the officers by the Franklin County Prosecutors Office and contributed research and photos to reports posted by other N3 reporters.

Below are links to my coverage:

Demonstrators Join Pasco’s Cinco De Mayo Parade: (05/15)

Prosecutor ‘Looking at Everything’ in Next Steps on Pasco Police Shooting: (5/15)

Witnesses Describe Escalation That Preceded Pasco Police Shooting: (07/15)

Pasco Shooting Inquest Preparations Ramping Up: (07/15)

Police Shooting Protesters Plan Vigil in Wake of Decision Not to Charge Pasco Officers: (09/15)

Protesters in Pasco Attend Vigil 7 Months After Police Shooting: (09/15)


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